Your Words Are Not For Everyone

I know I’ve said it multiple times already but this bears repeating so I’m going to say it again, especially since I have a very good example to illustrate my point.

Yesterday I screwed up and re-entered part of my small email list to a sequence they hadn’t necessarily signed up for.

I paused for a second, and then decided to send them ANOTHER email, to let them know that I’d screwed up and asked them to bear with me while I do my best to sort things out and sometimes make mistakes.

I also reminded them that if they read that email and thought it was no biggie, that the same applies to them.

It’s OK to make mistakes (and admit it). Those who love us will see past them.


I told a friend of mine about that email, and their reaction was “Yikes. Are you sure you want to send this?” to which I smiled, and said Yes.

Get this….

I sent the email. Then and there, not waiting for the best times or whatever. I just sent it because I felt like it.

And since yesterday, I’ve been receiving replies from my list.

Both from people I know, and people who I’d never interacted with before.

And this is probably the email that got the most responses in the past year.

The lesson?

Obviously, don’t ask advice from people who are not your ideal reader.

But also, and maybe most importantly…

Your words are not for everyone.

Some will read your words and wince.

Some will think you should have kept them to yourself.

And some will read them and feel them straight in their heart, and be thankful that you did write them.

These are the people you need to write for.

These are the people who need to hear what you have to say.

These are YOUR people.

So don’t let the (fear of the) opinion of people who aren’t your people stop you from sharing your message.

Do not care about those who do not care.

Speak your mind…

Show up…

Be you…

For those who DO care.



(Over)thinking is my coping mechanism, writing is my therapy. Wanna write a book? Let me help you:

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Annick Ina

(Over)thinking is my coping mechanism, writing is my therapy. Wanna write a book? Let me help you: